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Complio is American DataBank’s comprehensive tool for student screening, immunizations and compliance. The Complio Screening process is simple and straightforward with just five basic steps to complete. The process should take less than 20 minutes.

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Additional Steps Needed Once You've Placed Your Order
Along with ordering the background check you will need to complete the following:

Drug Screen Information

Drug Screening
After you have submitted your order, please access your email account that you provided with your order to obtain the Electronic Authorization Form and drug screen collection site location that you selected. Please visit the Drug Screen Information page for further instructions.

Drug Screen Information

Drug Screen Information

Print Scan Fingerprinting
After you have completed your online order application, you will receive an email from Print Scan with instructions. It will contain your Print Scan registration form. Please visit the FBI Fingerprint Information page for further instructions.

FBI Fingerprint Information